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So my little white macbook – and doesn’t life, and especially life in Nepal, have a way of turning those babies a gunky browny-grey? – experienced catastrophic failure of several of its internal organs. Notably its hard drive, logic board and DVD drive.

I was a bit sad for the lappy – though it had been giving me subtle hints that something was bothering it for a week or so. Shutting down at random. Flashing the horror grey screen with multi-lingual warnings whenever it was moved. That kind of thing. I was also a bit concerned about, you know, getting computery things done without a computer.

I’m happy to report, though, that everything worked out fine. If you ever find yourself in need of laptop repair in Kathmandu, I can recommend Neoteric who were prompt and professional. I had to wait 10 days to get the lappy back, but 8 of those days were accounted for by the ordering of parts from Singapore, the flying of said parts from Singapore, and the waiting for customs clearance of said parts at Tribuvhan International Airport.

Finding Neoteric’s main office, and then their service centre, also gave me the delights of scrabbling through Ganabahal and Teku and everything that lies in between. That was actually great fun. Lots of temples, markets, narrow lanes, traditional brick buildings, courtyards, dead ends, and far from the touristy bits of Kathmandu.

Neoteric also services PCs, though as a Mac user, I think I’m supposed to say something like, “But if your PC needs repair so badly, why don’t you just replace it with a Mac?”  Given the way I started this post, though, that probably doesn’t make much sense.

(Also, thank you Apple for Applecare so that I have no idea what it cost for all that repair work, and also for TimeMachine so that my macbook’s new brain was painlessly able to learn everything the old brain knew.)