I was extremely glad to be able to vote online, even from Nepal. ivote is brilliant and made me wonder why I had to spend 3 hours at the Australian Embassy voting for a hung parliament before the Federal Election last year.

While I normally love the festival atmosphere of elections, and take great delight in teasing the how-to-vote-card distributors by making as if to accept their offerings, only to snatch my hand away at the last minute, this election seems much more like a divorce, or an execution, or the regrettable putting down of a terminally ill animal, than any kind of political contest.

But the most annoying thing about the NSW Labor Party – I know, I know, how do you choose? – is that thanks to their utter repugnance to the voting public, the Liberal Party will be able to spend the next four years claiming whatever policy they like as part of their “mandate”. The most egregious example being Barry O’Farrell’s campaign against the federal move to implement a price on carbon emissions. (And this despite the fact that a majority of voters support the move when it’s clear that there will be compensation for low and middle income earners.)

But the truth of the matter is the Coalition will not be elected for any particular policy – I’m sure most people would be hard-pressed to name any specific policy they have put forward. They are not, in fact, being elected with a mandate to do any particular thing, whatever they might say.

They are being elected specifically and only to not be the NSW Labor Party.

6 Responses to “My deepest sympathies to all voters in NSW”

  1. Mark Cipants says:

    Yes Ben I agree, they are going to win by default rather than design. The old adage that Oppositions don’t win elections, Governments lose them is never truer than whats likely to occur today.

  2. howie says:

    I assume you voted for the No Parking Meters Party…

  3. Ben says:

    Well, none of the political parties I voted for have fielded parking meter candidates, so I wasn’t really sure what the distinctives of the No Parking Meters Party actually were. But I did notice how much easier the NSW Upper House voting sheet is to manage online than when you have to spread it out in the cramped little voting booths…

  4. Ben says:

    So now that old-Labor is a spent force in NSW, the big question is: When is Bob Carr’s book coming out dishing the dirt?

  5. ben says:

    :-) We’ve got long line of ex premiers to dish the dirt, don’t we?

  6. Ana says:

    At least that’s a mandate that should be achievable for the Liberal party.