The High Court’s decision is probably good for asylum seekers. Though that depends on what else the Government is prepared to try in order to “stop the boats”.

It is also probably bad for the Government. Though that depends on what lengths the Opposition is prepared to go to in order to make political capital from a policy failure and ongoing human tragedy.


Sorry. Definitely bad for the Government.

2 Responses to “High Court says “No””

  1. Byron Smith says:

    If the Opposition had something better to offer then I’d be quite happy for then to make political capital. As it is, we have another bipartisan agreement on failed policies.

  2. Ben says:

    Indeed. Sadly, it seems that the Government will consider other options that basically amount to reinstating the Howard Government’s “Pacific Solution”.

    Oh, and sorry, “Stop the boats” is Tony Abbott’s slogan. “Breaking the people smugglers’ business model” is the Government’s preferred way of wording-up.