Comments Policy

The first and last word about comments on this blog belongs to Jesus:

In everything do to others as you would have them do to you.

Everything else is just commentary.

But if you want the commentary:

  • People are warmly encouraged to contribute comments to this blog.
  • Please try to keep comments relatively relevant to the topic at hand. You can always use my contact page if you want to raise an issue with me that doesn’t relate to a particular post.
  • No personal attacks or offensive language will be allowed under any circumstances. Disagree with and argue against any opinions expressed here by all means, but show respect for the person whose opinion you are disagreeing with.
  • Any comments that – in my humble opinion breach the golden rule – will be edited or deleted. Commenters who flagrantly violate the rule will be referred to Santa for placement on the naughty-not-nice list, and be IP banned from making further comments.